How Do Lingual Braces Work?

Child smiling while taking treatment.

Get discrete, reliable orthodontic treatment using lingual braces. A Fort Worth orthodontist explains InBrace lingual braces.

Fort Worth, TX – Are you interested in orthodontic treatment, but don’t love the idea of shouting your treatment to the whole world? Perkins Orthodontics has a great option – InBrace lingual braces. These are a revolutionary take on traditional metal brackets and wire braces because instead of being placed on the front of your teeth for everyone to see, they sit on the back, or lingual side, of your teeth. 

“Lingual braces are an exciting orthodontic treatment option because they provide the reliability of metal braces, with the aesthetic quality of options like Invisalign,” says Dr. Evan Perkins. “We treat more adult patients than ever before, and we know they don’t always want to draw more attention to their issue. InBrace allows patients to perfect their smiles, while still living their lives to the fullest.”

So, what exactly are InBrace lingual braces? 

InBrace is a state-of-the-art treatment option that allows you to truly hide your treatment, without the hassle of dozens of plastic trays. Created by orthodontists, InBrace uses Smartwire advanced computer modeling to craft an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

It all starts in our office with a scan. We’ll create a 3-D image of your mouth from which your personalized Smartwire is crafted. Then, InBrace programs your Smartwire with its Gentleforce technology. It’s programmed to the specifications of our carefully crafted treatment plan to allow your teeth to gently move as if on auto-pilot. 

There are so many advantages to using InBrace:

  • Smile big all through treatment – because the braces are located behind your teeth, you can hide your treatment not your smile.
  • Enjoy the things you love – unlike other invisible treatment options that require you to avoid certain things or remove aligners, you can still drink red wine, coffee and tea without worrying about staining.
  • Live your life – you’ll visit our office less frequently, so you’ll have more time to dedicate to work, school and play.
  • Don’t let braces get in your way – play your favorite sport, kiss your sweetheart, and smile as much as you want.

Patients love InBrace technology because it is highly intelligent and custom-fit specifically for your teeth and the treatment plan your orthodontist creates. Not only that, its Gentleforce technology is efficient and gentle as it guides your teeth to their new locations. InBrace utilized friction-free movement for a more comfortable experience that doesn’t require frequent trips for adjustments.

If you’re ready to learn about InBraces and how it can revolutionize your smile and life, call Perkins Orthodontics today at 817-294-5021. We can’t wait to see you smile!