You might be a patient who requires adjustment for your upper and lower jaws; as such, our orthodontist can provide you with palatal expanders here at Perkins Orthodontics. Treatment with palatal expanders works to gradually adjust your jaw and enable proper tooth alignment. To learn more about palatal expanders in Fort Worth, Texas, we welcome you to contact our team at (817) 294-5021 today and schedule a meeting with Dr. Evan Perkins.

Palatal expanders are orthodontic appliances that help create more space between your bone plates on the upper jaw. We can leverage these appliances to allow the upper and lower teeth to fit together properly. After a consultation with our orthodontic specialists, we will determine what treatment methods will be best to meet your needs and adjust to your circumstances. Patients often require adjustments to their bites that will fix more than just your cosmetic concerns. Orthodontic treatment restores function and provides a more esthetically pleasing smile. For patients who have narrow upper jaws, palatal expanders are a great option to widen the jaw to allow for the teeth to become properly aligned.

Palatal expanders Treatment

Palatal expanders work to gradually stretch the upper palate and make room for crowded permanent teeth. This prevents the need for permanent dental extractions. Our experts will determine if you will need a fixed or permanent expander to best suit your needs considering things such as your age and choice of physical activity. Our team is available to answer questions and help you understand how your palatal expander works.

All the team at Perkins Orthodontics will work closely with you to accommodate your needs and make you feel comfortable in our office. We hope you can visit our office and contact us to clarify any questions you have about treatment with palatal expanders. Get in touch with us and schedule your next appointment. We are eager to help you reach your goals for a smile that is healthy, beautiful, and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a palate expander?

As far as orthodontic appliances go, a palate expander is an intraoral device we use to either widen or narrow a patient’s upper jaw. There are several types of devices considered palate expanders, and they each serve specific purposes. You’ll have to consult with a qualified orthodontist to determine which variation works best in your case. The expander looks like a butterfly and has two parts joined together by a screw that the orthodontist can tighten or loosen.

What does a palatal expander do?

Palatal expanders work to widen or narrow the upper jaw. This is only achievable because your upper jaw is not formed by a single bone plate; rather, there are two halves that we can anchor to the orthodontic appliance and gradually bring together or farther apart, depending on the patient’s needs. This treatment can help solve dental alignment and spacing problems, such as crowding or gaps between teeth.

What is the best age to get a palate expander?

Typically, children are ideal candidates when talking about palate expanders. Children, especially those aged 7 or 8, still have growing bones, which makes the treatment much easier. Still, teenagers and adults might also wear a palate expander, depending on what their orthodontist recommends.

Can you get a palate expander at any age?

Yes. Even though palate expanders work best for patients aged 7 or 8 whose bones are still developing and growing, teenagers and adults can also wear a palate expander. Still, you will have to consult with an orthodontist because older patients might do better with other orthodontic appliances that can achieve similar results while also realigning their teeth.