Please keep in mind that some severe cases of orthodontic problems might require invasive surgical procedures, such as jaw surgery or oral surgery, as many people know it. The best orthodontist Fort Worth has knows that, in complex situations, they have to coordinate with other specialists to deliver the care you deserve and need.  Jaw surgery can help treat irregularities caused by skeletal and jaw development problems.

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Usually, orthodontics realigns your teeth and jaws gradually and safely with an appliance, such as braces or clear aligners, but this is not always the case for patients with complex cases. Surgical interventions can help correct abnormalities in the orofacial structures after the jaw stops growing. If you leave those problems uncorrected, they can cause additional complications related to speech, chewing, eating habits, and sleeping.

Jaw surgery can help correct those problems, prevent additional complications, and make everyday activities much easier and more comfortable, all while improving your facial profile and oral health.

You can trust that you’ll find nothing but the best when you come to our office here in Fort Worth, TX. We rely on our specialists’ skills and experience, but we also leverage the latest technology, techniques, and materials available to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Likewise, we take pride in letting our patients know everything they need to about their treatment as we review the planned procedure and show you all the relevant details to help you understand what will happen over the months you spend with us.

Our team is focused on providing you with a comfortable and positive experience. After your orthognathic surgery, you may need to continue with your treatment to ensure you reach optimal results; as such, you’ll be glad to know our team will do everything it can to reach your goals efficiently.

To learn more and find out if jaw surgery is right for your smile, we welcome you to contact our orthodontist and team today. We are committed to improving your smile!