LightForce – raising the bar on the standard of care…

At Perkins Orthodontics, we are dedicated to our patients. That means providing the very best care we possibly can. We are so pleased to now have the LightForce System, which allows us to provide fully customized, 3-D printed tooth-moving tools.

LightForce allows us to:

  • 3-D print fully customized tooth moving tools – We can print everything from brackets to trays, all designed for your individual smile. That means you’ll receive the most customized care available.
  • Craft intuitive treatment plans – LightForce provides a web-based platform for digital treatment planning. Our orthodontists can create, adjust, and approve treatment plans, all from a web-based platform.
  • Digitize our workflow – LightForce seamlessly creates a digital workflow, freeing up our time to focus on what truly matters, our patients.

3-D print fully customized tooth moving tools

What type of treatment can LightForce provide?

Using LightForce, we can digitally print brackets, IDB trays, and even custom buccal tubes for our patients.

  • 3D printed polycrystalline alumina brackets can be fully customized to meet your anatomy and bite.
  • Lighttray is a 3D-printed indirect bonding tray that is designed for use with LightForce brackets. They optimize the ease, speed, and accuracy of bonding.
  • Turbotrays are 3D-printed trays that help our orthodontists deliver precision turbo bites to aid in bite correction.
  • Custom buccal trays can be used on first and second molars to ensure the full arch can be achieved.