Best Things To Do in Fort Worth During Summer?

Summer Fun in Fort Worth

Every summer we have the perfect opportunity to cross out items on our bucket list, some of which include visiting beautiful museums, playing adventure games with friends and family, or even just sightseeing the flora and fauna in beautiful cities. Whichever the case may be Fort Worth is a city where all that can come true. Here you can check out some of the fantastic activities that you can do while you stay here.

Best Things to Do in Fort Worth for Summer

According to their own web page, Fort Worth is the 12th largest city in the United States which means that it’s packed full of a variety of different places to visit ranging from art museums to their famous twice-daily cattle drive. Regardless of your age, you will find an entertaining activity for you, whether it’s sightseeing or wine tastings, Fort Worth has a little bit of everything to offer to anyone interested in enjoying a great summer there.

Here are our top picks of things to do in Fort Worth

Guided Tour of North Texas Wineries

The Texas wine industry is doing great with over 500 wineries in the state, most of which haven’t been fully explored yet by locals or tourists. This is a great opportunity for any wine lover out there that’s wanting to learn a little bit more about the industry and have a good time while doing it.

This guided tour will take you to three different wineries and vineyards where you will try 5 Texas wines, meet the owners, and go through a tour of the facilities. In addition, you’ll get to try a glass of your favorite wine and they’ll give you a tote bag at each location. All-round a great fun and educating activity for the more adult side of the family, don’t forget to drink water and brush your teeth when possible.

Fort Worth’s Cultural District

If you are up for a little bit of exploring the city without having to pay a guide Fort Worth’s cultural district is perfect for you and your family. The cultural district is full of places to go to, with five museums, which are all within walking distance, the Will Rogers memorial center, and the Casa Mañana theater your schedule will fill up quickly. 

For those who are more into nature the Fort Worth Zoo, The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas are quite close to the cultural district itself. If the distance is a little too much for your there are also quite a few bike-sharing stations in the area.

Dallas and Fort Worth Sightseeing

If you are looking for tours that take you to see as much as possible, then this Dallas and Fort Worth City Sightseeing Tour is the one for you. It is a 7-hour tour that is meant to show you the most historical attractions in both cities like the JFK Memorial and the Livestock Exchange Building. The tour covers all transportation costs, but expenses like food drinks, and parking fees are not a part of the package.

The Train Heist Adventure

Of course, visiting museums and memorials is not the only thing you can do when visiting Fort Worth. If you are in the mood for a game night with your friends or family then the Train Heist Adventure is an excellent option. You will have to solve puzzles and follow clues to plan your perfect train heist all while the clock is ticking. Give it a try and enjoy an interactive experience where cooperation is key on your visit to Fort Worth.

Thanks to the one-hour duration of the game, this activity is easy to fit on your calendar. On the same note, only one group can play at a time so you won’t have to worry about it being crowded like other activities can be.

Visit Your Orthodontist

It is quite easy to forget about proper oral hygiene while on vacation but if you are going under any type of treatment it is very important that you follow your dentist’s recommendations to avoid plaque buildup. A good routine to follow is brushing your teeth after every meal, or at least 3 times a day, flossing, and using mouthwash. For those who have braces don’t forget to avoid hard and sticky foods wherever you go, the last thing you want to happen during vacations is for a bracket to break or detach. 

If any kind of dental problem does arise don’t wait to come back from vacation to get it checked out. Having misaligned braces or an untreated injury for long periods of time can lead to undesired movement of your teeth.  

Next time you have any type of dental emergency in Fort Worth don’t wait to get it fixed! Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll be glad to help.